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Pricing & Info


Pricing can vary greatly depending on the size and complexity of the image you are wanting. Please call or e-mail me directly and I will be happy to give you a quote based on your exact needs. - (865)237-4722.

I always include a background with my paintings, if however you wish to have a particularly complex background, there may be an additional fee of $50.00 - $250.00 depending upon the size of the painting and the amount of complexity.

Additional Subjects
Additional subjects range from $100.00-$200.00 each extra depending on the portrait size.
• Please ask about rates for special requests, multiple portrait orders or any other size dimensions that are not listed.

Photo Tips For Pretty Pets
1. It’s all about the light!
- Always try to use NATURAL light when taking pictures.
- Go outside if you can. A bright, overcast day is perfect for even lighting so there’s not too much bright sunshine or dark shadow.
- If you are indoors, get near a window where it will naturally light up the pet’s coat and other features without glare.
- You can try using “natural light” bulbs to enhance details if necessary.
- Watch out for lighting contrast! Shadows can look dramatic, but they can also hide detail. And avoid glare, which also conceals details.

2. Eyeball-to-eyeball
- Get down to your pet’s level (lay on the floor or sit on the grass) unless you want a portrait of them looking up at you.
- Full body shots look best from the side on the same level as your pet, as opposed to looking down at them.

3. Time for a facial!
- Because the head is the most personal and recognizable part of your pet (just like people!), it’s important for me to have close-up face details for art reference, even if I am not creating a head portrait.
- Fill up the whole frame with your pet’s face, keeping it in sharp focus.
- Watch the lighting! See if you can get a natural look to the eyes instead of a glaring flash or (horror of horrors) the notorious “red-eyed demon” look.
- Take several angles: side, 3/4 view, head-on, slightly angled, etc. It’s amazing how professional a look a slightly angled photo will give you.

4. Get some help for the wiggly ones.
- A lot of pets can’t sit still for all of this, so you might need a little assistance.
- Have a friend help by holding them in position.
- I can remove leashes, etc. from the final portrait as long as they don’t change the natural look of your pet or cover up anything important like significant markings.



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